Prime95 电脑耐力测试

📝 笔记

linus 评测 m1 mac mini 提到一款叫 Prime95 的程序(9:27),查了一下,Prime95 主要用在对电脑进行压力测试,以衡量系统的稳定性,下面这段话来自 archlinux

MPrime (also known as Prime95 in its Windows and MacOS implementation) is recognized universally as one defacto measure of system stability. MPrime under torture test mode will perform a series of very CPU intensive calculations and compare the values it gets to known good values.

Prime95 测试通常持续两个小时,Prime95 有 macos 版本,运行之后,点击顶部的菜单,选择 option - torture test 开始压力测试。

Prime95 会让 cpu、内存等硬件处于最大的压力下,运行一段时间之后,如果 cpu 的温度过高,可能是因为这部电脑的散热不太好,需要改进。

关于运行 Prime95 的 cpu 温度,下面这段话来自 steam 论坛

running all cores at short in Prime95 is extremely aggressive, depending on your CPU cooler 85°C sounds normal. And no that is still within safe temperature, although hot it is okay as long as you aren't passing 95°... but you wouldn't want to keep it running that hot for an extended time, since even one fan failing could be enough for it to overheat.

这段话表示让 CPU 短时间处于 85 摄氏度是正常的,不要高于 95 摄氏度即可。

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